Consent for medical and dental treatment

Our Consent for medical and dental procedures fact sheet (PDF, 592.8 KB) outlines the legal requirements for substitute consent to medical and dental treatment for adults with cognitive impairment.

The Guardianship and Administration Act 1995 and its regulations require substitute consent to be given in writing.

Where the circumstances require it (for example due to urgency) oral consent can be sought but this must be followed up in writing as soon as possible.

How to seek consent to medical or dental treatment from an OPG guardian

Please complete the relevant form below and send it to the guardian directly if you have their contact details or contact the OPG on the details below.

For medical and dental treatment (PDF, 58.2 KB)

For medical and dental treatment requiring general anaesthetic (PDF, 46.7 KB)

The OPG email inbox is monitored frequently and is preferred where possible.

**If the delegated guardian is unavailable, any other guardian at the OPG can make a decision in their absence.

Here is information about our afterhours service AND procedures for seeking an emergency guardianship order out of hours.

Updated: 2nd August 2022