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Office of the Public Guardian

The Office of the Public Guardian will be closed from Tuesday, 25th December 2018 until Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 9:00am.   For any urgent enquiries please call 6165 3444.

The Office of the Public Guardian promotes, speaks for, and protects the rights and interests of people with disabilities and acts as the guardian of people with disabilities when appointed by the Guardianship and Administration Board.

Part 3 of the Guardianship and Administration Act 1995 establishes the Office and gives the Public Guardian her/his powers and functions.

What is a Guardian?

  • A Guardian makes decisions for you that are in your best interests.
  • Your guardian will make decisions for you in the areas set out in the guardianship order.
  • If you do not understand what this means or have not yet received a copy of this order, just speak to your guardian.

How will my Guardian make decisions?

  • When asked to make a decision on your behalf, your Guardian may talk to you about what you would like. They may also talk to people who know you, such as your family or your doctor.
  • A Guardian must act in your best interests, and take into account your wishes.
  • A Guardian's job is to encourage and  assist you to make reasonable judgements for yourself, and to help protect you from neglect, abuse and exploitation, and act as your advocate. This does not always mean your Guardian will agree with you.
  • Your Guardian will act with respect, integrity, open-mindedness and will try to understand your individual needs.

Did you know?

If you are unhappy with the Order the Guardianship and Administration Board has made for you, you can ask the Board to tell you why they made it. This needs to be done within 21 days.

  • You can contact the Board or write to them and ask for reasons for their decision at: GPO Box 1307, Hobart Tas 7001. We can also help you with this if you ask us.
  • You can also ask the Board if they will review your order, especially if your circumstances change or you feel you no longer need a guardian.

If you are unhappy with a decision your Guardian makes, first speak to your Guardian about why they made the decision. You can ask your Guardian to write down the reasons for making a decision.

If you are still unhappy, you may contact the Public Guardian.

If you need more help:

If you have special needs around communication let us know.

The Guardianship and Administration Board can:

  • make orders appointing a guardian or an administrator or both for an adult person with a disability who is unable to make reasonable judgements in respect of lifestyle and/or financial matters
  • consent to medical treatment for persons with a disability incapable of giving an informed consent
  • revoke or vary the terms of an enduring power of attorney
  • make an order for the execution of a statutory will for a person who is incapable of making a will

You may visit the Guardianship and Administration Board's website for more information.